My Snooperviser

Lovin' Kisses


My mother taught me so much. I dedicate my love of staying busy, sewing, crafting, reading and cooking to her. I love and miss her. I often feel her with me,  especially when I'm sewing or being crafty.

I dedicate the naming of this site to my father, a decorated WWII pilot, of the United States Army Air Corps.  This is a picture of him with his plane, named Lovin' Kisses.  He was proud to have served our country.  I'm proud to say he was my dad. I thank him for all he did for me, our family and our country.  I love and miss him every day.




     Hi!  My name is Sandy and I love to sew, craft, bead and create. I feel my creativity was both inherited and learned.

     Some of my earliest memories are with my Mom while she sewed. She mostly made clothes for the family. I sat at her feet, watching and learning, playing with the scraps, making doll clothes.

     My Dad was an engineer. I was fascinated by the idea of taking a thought, figuring out how to make it work, then creating it. Dad had a sewing machine too. A big, heavy duty Singer. He made awnings for our boat and yard.

     When I was a teen, my parents opened a sewing store. I still remember how excited I was when those boxes of new fabric arrived! That was the start of my fabric obsession!  

     Today I live in Iowa with my husband and our very opinionated Westie. There's nothing I would rather do than sew and create all day, but I do have a full time job, working at the headquarters of a regional blood center. I love the feeling I have at the end of a day, knowing I have done my part to help save lives. Do you donate? Blood, platelets or your time?  Do it.  The life you help save may be a friend, a loved one or your own.